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'I would urge Health and Wellbeing Boards, Clinical Commissioning Groups, NHS memory clinics, social care services and charities, along with the rest of us, to please listen and consider how poetry and other art forms can positively impact the wellbeing and quality of life for those with a dementia and the people who care for them.' Paul M. Camic, FRSPH


Separate to the individual personalised Living Words books that all participants co-create and receive, we publish the words of people we have worked with in order to change societal understanding and attitudes towards the dementias – to be part of the movement towards cultural change. Our first published anthology ‘The Things Between Us’ is a collection of words and poems from people living with a dementia, with forewords written by Lynda Bellingham OBE and Professor Paul Camic.

An important collection of witnessings to an important subject, and valuable for what it addresses, as well as the way it addresses.


Sir Andrew Motion


King or Queen

It’s called ‘Patient Condition’
You must not just say
‘Good morning’, ‘Goodbye’
It minimizes the relationship
Try and appraise, interest
Tenderness, consciousness, confidence
The fact that you are sharing with them
Uplift the feeling
‘Feel better already’.
Make us feel human
Not just a dummy.
Pretend you have all the time
In the world
We will feel like King or Queen

By listening clearly and openly and following our listen-out-loud methodology, we meet person-to-person in an environment of equality. As an individual’s words and poems journey into the world outside, the person experiences agency and purpose as they are heard.

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Essential reading for every surgery, care home and hospital and for all of us who are living with loved ones with dementia.


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Call us: +44 (0)7967 502 506