Navigating you in times of change
Flux is a programme of events that are being run by a collective of cultural organisations who, through the use of creativity, aim to give young people the tools to express themselves in new ways.
Our Story
Flux is all about feeling better about yourself, your opportunities, and your future, by getting involved in the arts.
Whether it’s a one-day workshop at your school or a six-month project at your local youth hub, everyone involved will be working with professional artists. Some people involved can get a nationally recognised Arts Award qualification too. These awards ask you to get creative in whatever you’re interested in, and from whatever ability. Plus, in December 2022 we’re going to have some sharing events, where you can tell everyone what you’ve been up to, if you want to.
Covid has really knocked us all sideways and impacted our thinking, from daily interactions, to our closest friendships. For some of us, we have found ourselves becoming more anxious or isolated, and unsure of how we face the future. By taking part in this project, you can explore who you are right now, and potentially see the future and your place in it, in a new light.
Flux would love us all to feel that we live in a county that listens to every member of society, and that the arts, local government, and the NHS, can work in true collaboration – each supporting, and lifting the other up.
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