Founded in 2007, we became a charity in 2014. We are also a company limited by guarantee. The directors of the company are also our trustees.

We have continued guidance from our team of individuals living with dementia, as well as senior professionals within the field of dementia care and research.

Living Words is currently governed by a board of 3 trustees with a rotating chair, and another about to join. Prior to the pandemic, we had reduced our board for rotation, and are in the process of recruiting new trustees to complement the skills and expertise we already have on the board.

We are committed to implementing, reviewing and updating our policies and systems. In 2020, we are inviting new trustees to join us - contact us if you are interested and have skills, experience and knowledge that will enhance our work: Thank you.


                                            DOING GROUP

We have a growing team of volunteers who make up a crucial part of our work. Volunteers mostly come to us through the route of having been project participants or relatives of project participants. Our Doing Group is a team of people who represent all sides of our work. This group is setting the agenda of how they work with and support our main team and activities. More information on this coming soon.

About us

Arts and literature charity working with people experiencing dementia and isolated people.

Call us: +44 (0)7967 502 506
Call us: +44 (0)7967 502 506