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people experiencing a
dementia, isolated
individuals & communities.


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Living Words is an arts and literature organisation, created in 2007 by Susanna Howard. The main part of our work is care home residencies, taking place over 8 - 15 weeks. Our writers and artists work co-creatively and one-to-one with people experiencing a dementia and isolated and disempowered people.
We enable individuals to feel heard and understood, even when communication seems lost. We run bespoke staff workshops and projects. We support free speech and expression.

Inspired by this participatory work we create books, performances, films, podcasts and events. We collaborate with other artists and organisations.




After you’ve gone it’s quiet

But my brain is still working

Still going

Still ticking

Still warm





About us

Arts and literature charity working with people experiencing dementia and isolated people.

Call us: +44 (0)7967 502 506
Call us: +44 (0)7967 502 506