CPD-accredited Listen Out Loud Courses from Living Words

Learn the Living Words Listen Out Loud Methodology!

* Online Courses for carers.
* CPD accredited.
* Provide you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to implement the Listen Out Loud methodology with residents in your care home, by embedding learning through interactive sessions and practice.
* 6 bite-size modules designed to fit into carers’ busy schedules across 6 weeks, led 1-2-1 and in small groups with a Living Words tutor, with chances to evaluate progress together.
* Increase your insight and skills in communicating with individuals with a dementia (everyone is different!), and increase the wellbeing of residents, whilst building on your existing skills and drawing on your experience.
* By the end of the course, you will be ready to share the Listen Out Loud methodology with other care staff in the home.
* Follow-up support sessions provided across the year, with CPD certification on completion of the 6-week course.
* The course and follow-ups cost £575 for 1 person, with deals to be done on more than 1 place per carehome.

“I am sharing the Listen Out Loud practice with my colleagues… This is changing things. Living Words needs to be in every unit, in every care home.” – Karen, carer and project member in pilot action-learning course

Feedback from our most recent course, March 2023: “It makes me closer to residents and I can really feel their feelings in their dementia stage.” What surprised you the most about the action learning sessions? “The connection between me and residents.” ; “The techniques used can really help someone engage who might struggle otherwise.”

Bit of Background

We’ve honed our Listen Out Loud methodology for 15 years and know its impact. We’re sharing this communicative technique more widely, not only to answer the requests we receive from local, national, and international clients, but because we want to positively impact lives and relationships by enabling more people to feel heard, valued, and understood.
We know how tough it is to run a care home in this ‘post’-Covid environment, whether it’s keeping hold of staff or employing new workers, often from overseas. The sector has been changed. 
Our CPD-accredited Listen Out Loud Foundation Course will help carers, care home managers, residents, and their relatives – support their care home on a mission to be outstanding: ‘an outstanding service as one that is’ “flexible and responsive to people’s individual needs and preferences, finding creative ways to enable people to live a full life.” (A.Sutcliffe, 2016, CQC:The art of being outstanding).

Get In Touch

Please email your details to us if interested in this CPD-accredited course. Just drop us a line – we would love to hear from you.

To: shazea@livingwords.org.uk, info@livingwords.org.uk, & olivia@livingwords.org.uk.