Care Homes

The main part of our work is Living Words residencies in care homes, across 8 - 15 weeks.


Our projects improve communication and wellbeing for residents and staff. Through hosting a Living Words residency you will get to know individual residents in a new way. Staff will have the chance to express their experience as well as hear how the people they care for are feeling about the lives they are living. We empower care home staff to feel heard - for them to hear, read, share and act upon the residents’ words. We facilitate creative ways for staff to nurture themselves and the people they work with.


Our trained Living Words artists work one-to-one with residents, focusing on sound and word meaning, using our listen-out-loud methodology. Each participant co-creates their own Living Words book. The book is their words about how they are feeling. We work with staff from the very start of the project and interact through a series of bespoke workshops that bring a mindful approach to practice. These workshops improve the wellbeing of care home staff through reflection and personal creativity, and aim to facilitate creative communication with residents through the use of their Living Words books. At the end of the residency we have a celebration event, sharing of words and staff receive participation CPD certificates. Contact us for a full breakdown of a residency and to discuss in more detail.

Every home needs to have a Living Words residency. How did we not know the emotions of our residents? The books of their words are now informing their care plans. You have made a real difference to our residents, staff and relatives.


Isobel Nyirenda, manager at Meadows House, Kidbrooke.

“You can see they’ve opened up. It helps in so many ways… They have worked with people that usually can’t join in groups… This is the best project we have ever done. Thank you.”

Phyllis Etukondu, Activity Co-ordinator, Westmead

“I have been waiting 15 years for someone to help me hear how the residents are feeling and thinking. Thank you.”

Anon carer, Islington

"When I listed to Lorette’s poem I felt amazed and I could not refrain my tears. It was really hard to believe that a person with such an advanced state of dementia could talk like that and express herself in such a poetic manner… like a glimmer of light from the darkness of her illness." Cristina, Butterworth Centre, London.

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Arts and literature charity working with people experiencing dementia and isolated people.

Call us: +44 (0)7967 502 506
Call us: +44 (0)7967 502 506