World Suicide Prevention Day: Saturday 10th September

World Suicide Prevention Day is this Saturday, 10th September. The theme is ‘Creating Hope Through Action’. How does this resonate with you? We know that sometimes hope is hard to find, and taking positive action can also be a struggle. However you are right now, we stand together, united in this strange, tough and beautiful thing called life – keep going.

Our #LivingWarriors projects began when 3 groups of strangers met to share stories of the moments in which they chose not to end their lives. Their words became books, song, & films – featured across the BBC for World Suicide Prevention Day 2020. Living Warriors has developed to be 1 of 2 strands of participatory work that we deliver. These mental health projects span the inner worlds of Covid & Long-Covid survivors to those in our local LGBTQIA+ community. Alongside our dementia projects #LivingExperience, making up the 2 strands of our project work.

When all may seem hopeless, and the journey ahead not easy, we all have the potential to change how we view ourselves and our futures, by harnessing the arts to speak our truth – and that truth being heard.

You can watch ALL of the Living Warriors by clicking here! 

Campaigns & resources to download/post at the International Association for Suicide Prevention: Click here! 

For resources from National Suicide Prevention Alliance or NPSA, click here!

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