Normal? WEEKENDER of events to close online lockdown festival THIS MONTH

And so here we are – the month which may bring some change to our lives in lockdown. Yet we grow to be more disappointed with the news this month, but with that remember; we must unite in looking out for one another; we show solidarity; we open up, and we strive to bring change for the future. And it is this momentum that truly marks the power of us as individual beings, and what can happen when we come together collectively. Even in the smallest of ways.

This month’s weekender of events aims to hold onto that same energy, in allowing us to come together & experience its joy and power, as well as celebrating the final online festival of lockdown. Over the past few months, this festival has given us something to look forward to, and helped us stay connected – taking us through winter and now into spring. Under the name of Normal? Festival of the Brain, we’re a programme which is for anyone and everyone – wherever you are.

We thank you for joining us for the ride so far, and this is certainly not the end. Please don’t hesitate to still get in contact with us, and follow our steps beyond the online festival. We always want to hear from you.

. . .

From Friday 26 – Sunday 28 March join the Normal? Festival Weekender. Over 3 days you can watch, participate and enjoy Normal? Festival’s dynamic programme.
Start the weekend off with Jim Lockey’s – explore an interactive story directed by you (the viewer) to uncover a bizarre tale of knowledge, power, and secrets; inspired by the legend of Faust.
Get your swimsuits on and head to the bathroom for Swimming Home – Silvia Mercuriali’s latest Autoteatro piece, leading participants through a private meditation, all the way to the bottom of a deep pool.
Live from Folkestone’s Quarterhouse, we have prolific actor Leo Bill taking us on a passionate, tequila fuelled trip down the strange alleyways of his own remembrance.
We will be joined by award-winning Victoria Melody, who has created a special post-Covid Live Zoom performance of ‘Professional Stranger’, especially for Normal? Festival of the Brain. Originally planned to be in the Quarterhouse, with a live audience, this one-off performance will take us all on an unexpected journey into Vic’s brain. Streamed live from an empty comedy club…Everything is free to enjoy but booking is required for some events.
Normal? Festival of the Brain which is co-curated by Creative Folkestone, Living Words and Folkestone Fringe.