Normal? Festival of the Brain 2020 is underway… Check out the new *LIVE* festival website

Normal? Festival of the Brain brings science and art together to explore, question and connect around the festival themes.

Running since 2015 in Folkestone, Normal? Festival of the Brain has always been across 4 days. However, in response to these ever changing and uncertain times, rather than wait until we can run our festival in the usual way, we have decided to have events & activities to take us through the coming bumpy winter.

This year the themes are The Growing versus Knowing Brain, Power and Touch.

“We are excited and curious to see how our festival develops over the coming months. And in turn, to see who we might all be when we emerge next Spring. Our hope is that the festival gives us something to be connected to, to get involved in, and to grow from and through over the six months between October 2020 and end of March 2021.

These are tough times and we are all vulnerable right now. Maybe this festival is something for us all to hold on to? Whether first time attendee, participating artist, volunteer, organiser, or avid community player. All we know is that we need each other, now perhaps more than ever. We need community.

This festival belongs to all of us.”

Cheryl, Diane & Susanna – Festival curators & organisers

The Normal? October line-up saw everything from a free speech plinth, a talk about Neurology and power play, a TV playlist to watch & discuss together about the lives of two neurodivergent parents during lockdown, to a communal film-screening of ‘Steve’ – the award-winning film from Ben Akers that is saving men’s lives, followed by a Q&A hosted by Folkestone’s Talk Club Captains.

Over on the Normal? website, you can catch up on the live-streamed events on the Catch-Up section, check out the podcast & interactive writing sections which will be continuously added to throughout the festival months for you to use in any way you wish to and at any time… plus lots more to engage with.

Visit Our Brand New Website Here.