Living Words contributes to the (B)old initiative for the Southbank Arts and Wellbeing Programme at St. Peters’ Hayward Gallery.

As part of the ongoing Southbank Arts and Wellbeing programme, people living with dementia, and their companions, have taken part in expressing their own creativity at St. Peter’s care-home. The ongoing (B)old programme is part of the Hayward’s ‘Mixing it up’ exhibition. The events include activities using the Living Words ‘Listen Out Loud’ methodology. In one-to-one sessions, participants spoke their words, which led to individual books being created following their current experiences, in their own words. Workshops took place for nine weeks, for two hours a week, as participants, and their carers, expressed their own voices individually and collectively.

As part of their ongoing (B)old programme. (B)old at St. Peter’s took the Hayward Gallery’s ‘Mixing it up’ exhibition as a starting point for group workshops and – of course – our one-to-one work, using the Listen Out Loud methodology. Participants co-created books of their own words, about their current experiences. We also conducted staff workshops and an end of project sharing.

Living Words is proud to have contributed to this ongoing work, and extend our thanks to the fantastic team at South Bank Centre, and all the residents, staff, relatives and friends at St. Peter’s.

More info about (B)old is coming soon!