Listen to Kate Chou’s piece from Susanna’s workshops in Taiwan

One of the participants from Susanna’s workshops in Taiwan, has written a piece to further share the work in East Asia. Just pop into google translate if you can’t speak mandarin:

Here is a message and link from her – Kate Chou:
‘I was a member of Susanna’s workshop. It’s extremely helpful and i was really enjoy the every moment we had. Additionally, I summarized the experience in my column in Chinese so that more people can realize what creative ageing is. Many thanks, Susanna and Living Words. xxxxx’

Here is my topic:【創齡放送局|2019兩廳院創齡工作坊老派聚場的豐富洗禮】

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The Performing Arts forum was part of the fantastic Creative Ageing project in Tawian. Tawain is set to become a ‘super-aged’ society by 2025 and so is really committed to exploring work taking place with older people.